Blues & Roots 23: Big Chief

Episode 23 is another Mardi Gras Indian Special on the Blues & Roots show, aired on Super Sunday morning 1998 with selections by the Golden Eagles, the Wild Magnolias, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, Roger & The Gypsies, the Flaming Arrows, Snooks Eaglin, the Wild Tchoupitoulas, Donald Harrison Jr. & Dr. John with Guardians of the Flame, and Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, plus blues from Willie Mabon and Muddy Waters to start off the show.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



John Sinclair, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, Super Sunday 1998 [JSBR-0023]


Little Walter: Juke

Willie Mabon: Seventh Son

Muddy Waters: Trouble No More

Golden Eagles: Indian Red

Wild Magnolias: Oops Upside Your Head

Professor Longhair: Big Chief

Dr. John: Mama Roux

Roger & The Gypsies: Pass The Hatchet

Wild Magnolias: New Suit

Flaming Arrows: Sew Sew Sew

Snooks Eaglin: Big Chief

Wild Tchoupitoulas: Big Chief Got A Golden Crown

Wild Magnolias: Golden Crown

Donald Harrison Jr. & Dr. John with Guardians Of The Flame: Hu Ta Nay

Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen: Big Chief

Golden Eagles: Indian Red

Little Walter: Lights Out



Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced, edited, assembled & annotated by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Special thanks to Leni & Sunnny Sinclair


© 1998, 2018 The John Sinclair Foundation


Highway 61 Blues 42: Guitar Mambo

Scott Barretta looks into the recording career of guitarist McHouston Baker, better known as Mickey, featuring sides as Big Red McHouston, Mickey “Guitar” Baker, and Mickey & Sylvia, and dates with Dick Dale, Sam Price, Brownie McGhee, Champion Jack Dupree, Louis Jordan, the Bill Hendricks Orchestra, Young Jesse, Roy “Mr. Guitar” Gaines, Titus Turner, Little Willie John, Charles Calhoun, Big John Greer, Mr. Bear & His Bear Cats, Square Walton, and Joe Clay.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Scott Barretta, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, July 12, 2008 [18313]


Mickey & Sylvia: Love Is Strange

Mickey & Sylvia: No Good Lover

Mickey & Sylvia: Where’s My Honey

Mickey Baker: Guitar Mambo

Big Red McHouston: Stranger Blues

Mickey Baker: Midnight Blues

Mickey “Guitar” Baker: Greasy Spoon

Sam Price: Rib Joint

Brownie McGhee: Annie Mae

Champion Jack Dupree: Stumbling Block

Louis Jordan: Caledonia

Bill Hendricks Orchestra: Spinning Rock Boogie

Young Jesse: Hit, Git & Split

Roy “Mr. Guitar” Gaines: I’m Worried About You Baby

Titus Turner: All Around The World

Little Willie John: I Need Your Love So Bad

Charles Calhoun: Runaway

Big John Greer: Come Back Uncle John

Mr. Bear & His Bear Cats: The Bear Hug

Square Walton: Pepper Headed Woman

Joe Clay: Did You Mean Jelly Bean

Mickey Baker: Shape Walker



Hosted by Scott Barretta for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & recorded by Joe Yorke at the University of Mississippi

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 2008, 2018 Scott Barretta. Used with permission.