Red Rooster Lounge 311: Pomade

Cary Wolfson is spinning at the Red Rooster Lounge with great blues sides by John Mooney, Johnny Winter, Howlin’ Wolf, Downchild Blues Band, John Nemeth, Taj Mahal, Barbara Morrison, Roomful of Blues, Johnny Otis with Charles Williams, Etta James, Brian Templeton, and Eddie Turner.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Cary Wolfson, Red Rooster Radio Network, May 21, 2018 [18368]


Harlem Nocturne Theme

John Mooney: Broken Mold

Johnny Winter: Killing Floor

Howlin’ Wolf: Houserocking Boogie

Downchild Blues Band: Soaring

John Nemeth: Country Boy

Taj Mahal: Down Home Girl

Barbara Morrison: You’re My Meat

Roomful of Blues: Black Night

Johnny Otis with Charles Williams: Every Beat Of My Heart

Etta James: Don’t Start Me To Talking

Brian Templeton: Shame Shame Shame

Eddie Turner: Pomade



Hosted by Cary Wolfson for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & recorded by Cary Wolfson at Red Rooster Studios [#1681]

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 2018 Cary Wolfson. Used with permission.


The Blues Show 342: Honey Babe

Bruce Pingree is playing music in honor of the recent departure of the 88-year-old Pietmont0style guitarist, singer and buck jumper, Ms. Elga Mae Henton, including sides with Taj Mahal and Lightning Wells, abd the birthday of the great guitarist, vocalist and composer, Lonnie Johnson, includinghis recordings with Eddie Lang, Louis Armstrong & His Hot 5, and Victoria Spivey.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Bruce Pingree, WUNH-FM, Durham NH, February 18, 2018 [18367]


Elga Mae Henton: Honey Babe

Elga Mae Henton: Snap Your Fingers

Elga Mae Henton: Out Of Jail

Elga Mae Henton: When You Kill The Chicken Save Me The Head

Elga Mae Henton: Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Good Girl Turns You Down

Elga Mae Henton with Taj Mahal & Lightning Wells: You Don’t Have To Go

Elga Mae Henton with Taj Mahal: I Ain’t The One You Love

Elga Mae Henton: Cook Corn Bread For Your Husband

Elga Mae Henton: A Buck Dance

Elga Mae Henton: Step It Up And Go

Lonnie Johnson: Mister Johnson’s Blues

Lonnie Johnson: Sweet Potato Blues

Lonnie Johnson: To Do This You Gotta Know How

Lonnie Johnson: Stepping On The Blues

Lonnie Johnson: I Done Told You

Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang: You Have To Change The Keys To Play These Blues

Lonnie Johnson with Louis Armstrong & His Hot 5: I’m Not Rough:

Lonnie Johnson with Victoria Spivey: Idle Hour Blues

Lonnie Johnson: Tomorrow Night



Hosted by Bruce Pingree for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced by Bruce Pingree at WUNH-FM, Durham, NH

Recorded by Joe McDonough

Editing, post-production, & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 2018 Bruce Pingree. Used with permission.