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Radio Free Amsterdam is a project of The John Sinclair Foundation.

Stichting John Sinclair is registered as a non-profit arts organization in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Foundation was established to support the projects of John Sinclair and ensure that his poetry, writings, recordings, broadcast productions and performances will remain available to the public.

Radio Free Amsterdam was founded January 1, 2005 to preserve traditional arts radio programming formats in the internet age and provide unique roots music and arts programming, contributed by independent broadcast producers. John Sinclair serves as Program Director, and the John Sinclair Radio Show was among the first internet radio programs to be podcast and to archive its programs.

The Radio Free Amsterdam website has been maintained for the past twelve years with the support of Self-Hemployed, the Hempshopper, Ceres Seeds, Sensi Seeds, the 420 Cafe, Cafe The Zen, The Dolphins, other supporters of the project in Amsterdam, and our listeners around the world.

The John Sinclair Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors based in Amsterdam and an Advisory Board comprising family, friends and supporters of John Sinclair.

The Foundation is funded by donations from the public, arts and cultural grants, performance and production fees, literary and recording royalties, and proceeds from the sale of John Sinclair Seeds, books, CDs, DVDs and other creative products.

For more information on the John Sinclair Foundation please visit: John Sinclair’s website

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