Red Rooster Lounge 349: Ways Of Man

Cary Wolfson is spinnng at the Red Rooster Lounge with great blues sides by Chris English, Kevin Burt, Cary Morin, Scott Ainslie, John & Sylvia Embry, Robert “Bilbo” Walker, Bobby Parker, Luther Allison, Philip Walker & Otis Grand, Johnny Rawls, Irma Thomas, Bloodest Ssaxophone, and Hash Brown with Sam Myers.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Cary Wolfson, Red Rooster Radio Network, February 11, 2019 [19226]
Harlem Nocturne Theme
Chris English:Dust My Blues
Kevin Burt: Come On See About Me
Cary Morin: Dire Wolf
Scott Ainslie: Down In Mississippi
John & Sylvia Embry: Lie To Me
Robert “Bilbo” Walker: How Much More > Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Bobby Parker: Somebody’s Comin’ In My Back Door
Luther Allison: Luther’s Boogie
Philip Walker & Otis Grand: Dressin’ Trashy
Johnny Rawls: I’ve Been Searching
Irma Thomas: I’m Gonna Hold You To Your Promise
Bloodest Saxophone: Don’t Hit Me No More
Hash Brown with Sam Myers: Ways Of Man
Hosted By Cary Wolfson for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & Rrecorded by Cary Wolfson at Red Rooster Studios [#1719]
Post-Production, Editing & Annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2019 Cary Wolfson. Used with permission.

The Blues Show 379: Cutting No Slack

Bruce Pingree is playing music this week by Katie Webster and Mississippi Fred McDowell in honor of their resspective borthdays, plus tunes by Whitney Shea, Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire, The Holmes Brothers, Eric Bibb: and Odetta.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Bruce Pingree, WUNH-FM, Durham NH, January 13, 2019 [19225]
Katie Webster: Sea of Love
Katie Webster: Two Fisted Mama
Katie Webster: Mama Cat Cutting No Slack
Katie Webster: Katie’s Boogie Woogie
Katie Webster: What In The World Are You Gonna Do
Katie Webster & Tabby Thomas: Hoodoo Party
Mississippi Fred McDowell; Going Down The River
Mississippi Fred McDowell; Diving Duck Blues
Mississippi Fred McDowell; When The Saints Go Marching In
Mississippi Fred McDowell; 61 Hughwway
Mississippi Fred McDowell; Write Me A Few Of Your Lines
Mississippi Fred McDowell; Jesus On The Mainline
Whitney Shea: Freedom Blues
Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire: Freedom
Holmes Brothers: What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding
Eric Bibb: Stayed On Freedom
Odetta: The Freedom Trilogy: Oh Freedom > Come Go With Me > I’m On My Way
Hosted by Bruce Pingree for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Bruce Pingree at WUNH-FM, Durham, NH
Recorded by Joe McDonough
Editing, post-production, & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2019 Bruce Pingree. Used with permission.