Roots & Branches 47: Freak Blues

Dominic Trix of KFJC-FM at Foothiils College in Palo Alto Hills CA brought in my old friends Dan Gunning (of WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor many years ago, posing as Nancy Reagan on this soundtrack) and Loren Dobson, formerly of KUSF in San Francisco and fiendish collector of Mackay recordings, to construct a four-hour tribute to the late Steve Mackay, tenor saxophonist of Ann Arbor and San Francisco and a good friend of mine since 1968. I edited the talking but not the tracks to three one-hour programs for the Vintage Radio Vaults and we present them here this month for your edification and delight, featuring recordings made by Steve Mackay from 1966 to the past year, including in the first hour Steve Mackay & The Randoms, Andre Williams, Sigmund Snopek III, The Stooges, ZEV, the Commander Cody Band, the Ralph Shine Blues Band, Carnal Kitchen, the Mojo Boogie Band, and the Violent Femmes.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Dan Gunning, Dominic Trix & Loren Dobson, KFJC-FM, Palo Alto Hills CA, February 24, 2016 [19260]

Steve Mackay & The Randoms: Random Soul

Andre Williams: Freak Blues

Sigmund Snopek III: Eighth and Oklahoma

The Stooges: 1970

Dan Gunning Interview with Steve Mackay

ZEV & Steve Mackay: Live in the Pit @ KFJC-FM

Steve Mackay & Iggy Pop: The Prisoner

Commander Cody Band: Triple Cheese

Ralph Shine Blues Band: Up The Line

Steve Mackay & Carnal Kitchen: Go To Hell

Mojo Boogie Band: Traveling Riverside Blues

Violent Femmes: Faith


Hosted by Dan Gunning & Company for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & recorded by Dominic Trix at KFJC-FM, Palo Alto Hills CA

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

© 2016, 2019 The John Sinclair Foundation

Blues & Roots 71: Two Steps From The Blues

Episode 71 features Junior Kimbrough & the Soul Blues Boys, a long set from the reissue CD of Bobby “Blue” Bland’s Two Steps From The Blues album, a segment of an historic Frantic Ernie Durham radio program on WBBC in Flint, Michigan in November 1958 with music by Jackie Wilson, The Quintones, The Miracles, Kenny Martin, Al Smith, The Imperials, and The Spaniels, plus sides by Olu Dara and Brother Tyrone & The Mindbenders to close the show.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



John Sinclair, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, 2001 [19269]


Little Walter: Juke

Junior Kimbrough & the Soul Blues Boys: Sad Days Lonely Nights

Bobby “Blue” Bland: Two Steps From The Blues

Bobby “Blue” Bland: I’m Not Ashamed

Bobby “Blue” Bland: Don’t Cry No More

Bobby “Blue” Bland: Little Boy Blue

Bobby “Blue” Bland: St. James Infirmary

Bobby “Blue” Bland: I Just Got To Forget You

Frantic Ernie Durham Theme & Intro

Jackie Wilson: Lonely Teardrops

The Quintones: Down The Aisle of Love

The Miracles: Money

Kenny Martin: I’m Sorry

Al Smith: Wabash Blues

The Imperials: Tears On My Pillow

The Spaniels: Here’s Why I Love You

Olu Dara: Herb Man

Olu Dara: I See The Light

Olu Dara: Red Ant

Brother Tyrone & The Mindbenders: Blue Ghetto


Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced, edited, assembled & annotated by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Special thanks to Leni & Sunnny Sinclair

© 2001, 2019 The John Sinclair Foundation