Radio Free Amsterdam was conceived as a tribute to the classic American radio stations of the 1950s and ‘60s, when the greatest recordings being issued could be heard on the radio airwaves hour after hour at no cost to the listener, and the music was selected by the program hosts guided by their intelligence and knowledge of the music.

Accordingly, Radio Free Amsterdam has assembled a working team of independent broadcast producers who provide an hour of original programming each week. Each day two one-hour episodes are posted at RadioFreeAmsterdam.org, and all programs are archived at the John Sinclair Foundation site for listening on demand.

Additionally, the station provides a continuous music stream called “24/7” that plays back all posted programs in reverse order and is updated regularly with new broadcast episodes. This stream enables Radio Free Amsterdam to be heard around the clock much like a traditional radio station.

The Radio Free Amsterdam program hosts are radio veterans who produce weekly blues, jazz or free-form programs for college or community stations or expressly for Radio Free Amsterdam:



John Sinclair

Maryse Dejean

Tom Morgan

David Kunian

Bruce Pingree

Roger White

The Blues Hound

Steve “The Fly” Pratt

Bob Putignano

Don Was

Christian Greer & Michelle Oingo

Leslie Keros

Lucille Mancini

arwulf arwulf

George Klein




Tino Gross

Linda Lexy

Scott Barretta

Harry Duncan

Cary Wolfson

Don Paul

William Levy

  • John Sinclair produces our flagship program, The John Sinclair Radio Show, and has contributed Ancestor Worship and other series exclusively for Radio Free Amsterdam, which he continues to serve as Program Director. He is a veteran of WNRZ-FM and WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor, WDET-FM in Detroit and WWOZ-FM, where he was voted most popular deejay in in New Orleans for the last five years of his residency there.
  • Maryse Dejean broadcasts her Jazz from the French Market program on WWOZ-FM in New Orleans every Monday afternoon. An emigrant from Haiti, Maryse is a long-time member of the WWOZ administrative staff and a valued contributor to the Sound of New Orleans.
  • The late Tom Morgan, a veteran of WTJU-FM (Bartender’s Bop) in Charlottesville, Virginia and WWOZ-FM (Jazz Roots, New Orleans Music Show, Diggin’ The Roots) in New Orleans, contributed several program series to RFA prior to relocating in Pensacola in the 2000s. Since his passing in 2021 we have determined that Tom Morgan will always have a slot at Radio Free Amsterdam and continue to feature his Jazz Roots program every Tuesday morning..
  • David Kunian is Jazz Lunatique in residence at WWOZ-FM in New Orleans and an award-winning broadcast program producer, a music journalist, and director of the Jazz Archive at the Louisiana State Museum.
  • Bruce Pingree has hosted and produced The Blues Show on WUNH-FM in Durham, NH since the early 1970s and now has more than 500 episodes archived at the Radio Free Amsterdam site.
  • Roger White is a major contributor to Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine and hosts his blues radio program every week on CJAM-FM in Windsor, Ontario, now heard on Wednesdays on Radio Free Amsterdam.
  • The Blues Hound is the Pennsylvania-based independent broadcast producer and program host of Nothing But the Blues, now heard every Thursday morning on Radio Free Amsterdam.
  • Steve Pratt (Steve The Fly), deejay, drummer, record producer, writer and scholar extraordinaire spins his Fly By Night shows exclusively for Radio Free Amsterdam and, as Executive Producer of our station, handles all the technical details of posting all programs and disseminating them worldwide.
  • Bob Putignano was heard for years on WFDU-FM in New York City and created Sounds of Blue for taintradio.org. Bob mixes blues, soul, jazz, funk, blues-rock and more with occasional musician interviews and conversations with industry insiders. He is now heard every Friday morning on Radio Free Amsterdam.
  • Don Was & Anne DeLisi created and co-host The Don Was Motor City Playlist for WDET-FM in Detroit, now heard every Friday afternoon on Radio Free Amsterdam. Don Was, a native of Oak Park, Michigan, is an accomplished bassist, record producer (Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, the Rolling Stones), and the president of Blue Note Records. Anne DeLisi is a leading program host and broadcast producer at WDET and a popular emcee for all sorts of musical presentations in the city.
  • Christian Greer & Michelle Oing are based in San Francisco, where they teach at Stanford University and host their innovative Neon Shrines show for Valencia Radio, combining long talk sessions centered on “pilgrimages and power spots,” entertain guests of many descriptions, and mix in music at will. Neon Shrines is broadcast on Radio Free Amsterdam every Friday night following The Don Was Motor City Playlist.
  • Leslie Keros hosts and produces Mood Indigo for WDCB-FM in Chicago, and her earlier program series Messin’ With The Blues, Jazz at Daybreak, Chicago Bound, Blues Edition, and Crossroads: Where Jazz Meets Blues are all archived at the Radio Free Amsterdam site.
  • Lucille Mancini, a popular club figure in Italy known as Lucille DJ, produces The Soul Lucille Show for controradio-fm in Florence, Italy and features a guest spot from John Sinclair each week. She’s a fixture on Radio Free Amsterdam every Saturday night.
  • arwulf arwulf held forth at WEMU-FM in Ypsilanti for many years and is currently heard weekly on WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor. He is a life-long music lover and has been programing his vintage jazz radio show for about 40 years.
  • George Klein created The Groove Yard on WEMU-FM in Ypsilanti MI, in the 1990s, from which an hour of his fiercely intelligent jazz programming is broadcast on Radio Free Amsterdam each Thursday evening. His modern-day show, Beyond The Groove Yard, is archived here in its entirety.

This cast of musical characters who contribute their programming to Radio Free Amsterdam can be heard every week in regular rotation and in reverse sequence in the continuous “24/7” stream on our website.


  • Tino Gross, under his nom de radio Martino D’Lorenzo, produced and hosted the Big City Blues Cruise for WEMU-FM in Ypsilanti MI from 1982 through 1998, playing 78s, 45s, and LPs from his amazingly extensive record collection. Tino is a recording artist in his own right, lead singer of the Howling Diablos and Dumpster Funk, as well as president and lead producer for Funky D Records.
  • Linda Lexy, producer of the Party Train show, is a veteran Detroit deejay on the radio and in the clubs who is also a principal in Funky D Records. She recently received her 7th Best Deejay in Detroit citation from the Detroit Music Awards.
  • Scott Barretta is a world-renowned blues expert, a deejay for Mississippi Public Radio, former editor of Living Blues magazine, and (with Jim O’Neal) the genius behind the Blues Highway Marker program in the state of Mississippi.
  • Harry Duncan is an exceptional music expert, writer and deejay in San Francisco for many years whose In the Soul Kitchen combines blues, jazz and other world musics to form the perfect example of what we used to call free-form radio.
  • Cary Wolfson created his award-winning syndicated radio program Blues from the Red Rooster Lounge 40 years ago and published Blues Access magazine until its demise at the end of the 20th century. His program is syndicated on several radio stations in the U.S. and appeared weekly on Radio Free Amsterdam for almost 500 programs.
  • Don Paul is a New Orleans resident and cultural activist, formerly based in San Francisco, who created a special series of roots music programs for Radio Free Amsterdam that is now housed in our archive.
  • The late William Levy is the legendary author, journalist, editor and literary figure who produced and hosted The Dr. Doo Wop Show for Radio 100 in Amsterdam around the turn of the 21st century. Almost four dozen of his programs from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s were digitally transferred from mini-disks and cassettes and were broadcast on Radio Free Amsterdam during 2016-2017.

Radio Free Amsterdam issues a monthly Program Guide listing programs for the coming month with short descriptions of each offering, published on our website on the first of each month.