Ancestor Worship 74: Coltrane Plays The Blues

Our investigation into the music cut by John Coltrane for Atlantic Records during 1959-1961 takes us tonight to the last segment of the epic recoridng sessions of October 21, 24 & 26, 1960 that introduced the classic John Coltrane Quartet with McCoy Tyner (piano) and Elvin Jones (drums)—and in this first incarnation, Steve Davis on bass—plus the modern sound of Trane’s soprano saxophone to the world. The songs recorded at these sessions are presented here in the order in which they were cut in the Atlantic Recording Studios, and the last two tunes from these sessions will be heard in the next episode of Ancestor Worship.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



John Sinclair, Fly Agaric 23 Studio, Amsterdam, January 6, 2014 [JSAW-0074]


Charlie Parker: Another Hairdo

John Coltrane Quartet: Mr. Knight

John Coltrane Quartet: Blues to Elvin

John Coltrane Quartet: Mr. Day

John Coltrane Quartet: Blues to You

John Coltrane Quartet: Blues to Bechet

John Coltrane Quartet: Satellite

John Coltrane Quartet: 26-2

John Coltrane Quartet: But Not For Me



Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Special thanks to Nick Smith & Steve The Fly

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