Big City Blues Cruise 134: Bell Boy Boogie

Martino D’Lorenzo is playing the blues on 45s, 78s and LPs from behind the wheel of the Big City Blues Cruise bus, spinning his classic modern radio programs from the 1980s and 1990s originally aired on WEMU-FM in Ypsilant. Episode 134 features music by Red Prysock and tunes from Detroit by Robert Henry, Dr. Ross, Todd Rhodes, Calvin Frazier, John Lee Hooker, Andre Williams, Eddie Burns, Boogie Woogie Red, Marvin Gaye, Little Ernest Tucker, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Eddie Kirkland, Dizzy Gillespie, Jackie Wilson, and a closing number by Ronnie Earl. 
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Martino D’Lorenzo, WEMU-FM, Ypsilanti, March 9, 1982 [20035]
Red Prysock: Jumbo
Robert Henry: Something’s Gone Wrong With My Loving Machine
Dr. Ross: 32-30
Todd Rhodes: Bell Boy Boogie
Calvin Frazier: Little Baby Child
John Lee Hooker: I’m In The Mood
Andre Williams: Pass The Biscuits Please
Todd Rhodes: Pot Liquor
Eddie Burns: Don’t Be Messing With My Bread
Boogie Woogie Red: Blues For My Baby
Dr. Ross: Sugar Mama
Marvin Gaye: Teen Beat Theme Song
Little Ernest Tucker: Too Small To Dance
Todd Rhodes: Blues For The Red Boy
Dr. Ross: I’d Rather Be An Old Woman’s Baby
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters: Finger Popping Time
Eddie Kirkland: No Shoes
Dizzy Gillespie: Tin Tin Deo
Jackie Wilson: Dogging Around
Ronnie Earl: Two Bones And A Pick
Hosted by Martino D’Lorenzo for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Martin Gross at WEMU-FM, Ypsilanti MI
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 1982, 2020 Steve Pratt. Used with permission.