Crossroads 22: Strode Rode

Leslie Keros features an hour of music by stars & honorees of the Chicago & Detroit Jazz Festivals on Labor Day weekend, including Jodie Christian, Ken Chaney, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Pickens, Sonny Rollins, Wynton Marsalis, Carl Allen, Curtis Fuller, and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
STRODE RODE                                                 
Leslie Keros, WHPK-FM, Chicago, August 22, 2012 [20051]
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Stang’s Swang
Jodie Christian: Let’s Try
Ken Chaney: You Stepped Out of a Dream
Ella Fitzgerald: Summertime
Willie Pickens: Let Us Break Bread Together
Sonny Rollins: Strode Rode
Wynton Marsalis: Hesitation
Carl Allen: The Message
Curtis Fuller: Canteloupe Island
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Lester Left Town
Hosted by Leslie Keros for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & recorded by Leslie Keros at WHPK-FM, Chicago
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2012, 2020 Leslie Keros. Used with permission.