DAY OFF – Feat. Lord Beefington

Tim Egmond, Senor Modulator: Hardware hacker and psychic detective, Señor Modulator became a sound warrior 20 years ago. He speaks through filters, cables and attenuators, sometimes making sense. He has a passion for demolishing things that are in perfect condition and fixing things that aren’t fixable, hence his role in T4QS. It took the management exactly 31.4 years to find ‘The Señor’ in Amsterdam…How we wish it wasn’t so.

Debra Zebra: Legendary underground bassist since 1966, she accidentally killed six men with one guitar in 1978. One year later she killed eight men deliberately with a new feedback pedal of her own devising, which won her an art council grant for further mass killing as a comment on gender but she kept the money and spent it on fantastic shoes, which is what punk rock is all about if we’re being truly honest. A composer of modern spells, Debra produces riot inducing songs every Thursday in line with the various rituals of her own apocalyptic belief system, from a Peckham bustop.

The Very Rev D W Love: Godfather of worldly raps and business class international club DJ tied to the founders of the UK techno and house scenes by microphone cables. D. endured several bloody wars, collects erotic pets and loathes bullies. He is known by underground investigators to be related to Elvis. 

Viagra Twins: Two exotic tone birds, soaring beyond city lights, traffic choked arteries and urban decay of the 21st century urban dystopia. Awakening a world of weary drunks with a fuck you beat. Called ‘Anarchic angels of note crime’ by the Bagdad Voice, and ‘Seductive singers in a post apocalyptic wasteland’ by Belinda Carlisle. Breaching all tradition, these too mad to live hellcats inject oil into the engines of fucking chaos.  

released January 6, 2018 

Day Off 
Written by T4QS 
Published by (T4QS 2018) 
Produced by The Fuck You Sound for T4QS Productions 
Recorded By 
* Senor Modular at Ei-Complex Studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
@ Jason at Lone Pine Studios, London, England 
Lord Beefington – Vocals 
Debra Zebra – Bass guitar. 
Steve Fly Agaric 23 – Vocals, drums, scratches. 
Viagra Twins – Vocals. 
The Very D W Love – Vocals. 
Caleb Selah – Guitars and Thoughts
Senor Modulator – Synthesizer and FX. 
Mixed by Senor Modulator at Ei-Complex Studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
Bogus Order appear courtesy of (Just Isn’t Music.) 
Dr…um (Amentalist Movement) 
Aries (Chopstick Dubplate / Born On Road)