Leslie Keros


Leslie Keros. a manuscript editor by day and a disc jockey by night, Leslie is the host of two radio shows, Chicago Bound and Messin’ With The Blues, for WDCB-FM in Chicago. A native of the Detroit area, she grew up steeped in music, taking piano lessons at age 7, singing in choirs, and attending fine arts camp every summer until high school. She entered college intending to be a music major but was seduced by English literature, a romance that eventually spawned a career in book publishing.

Music returned to the ascendancy in 2000, after Leslie moved to Chicago and began hosting Crossroads, a new show at the University of Chicago’s small but storied radio station, WHPK-FM. Crossroads featured everything from bebop to boogie woogie, from acid jazz to West Coast cool, performed by the greats and the up-and-comers who know how to swing. In 2010 Leslie began co-hosting Blues Edition at WDCB-FM, featuring blues music from the ’20s to the present, performed by the fathers of the genre and their contemporary progeny.

In 2014 Leslie developed two new shows, Chicago Bound and Messin’ With The Blues, to replace Crossroads and Blues Edition, and now both shows run on Radio Free Amsterdam back-to-back every Wednesday.