Face The Music 11: These Purportedly United States

arwulf arwulf is holding forth at WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor with his weekly dose of great music from Jelly Roll Morton, Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon, Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five, Cow Cow Davenport & Ivy Smith, Jimmie Johnson’s Jazz Boys, James P. Johnson, Red Nichols & his Five Pennies, Bix & his Gang, Valaida Snow, Sonny Clay’s Plantation Orchestra, Luis Russell & his Orchestra, Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers, Fats Waller & his Rhythm, Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band, the Lester Young Quintet with Count Basie, Illinois Jacquet, Count Basie & his Orchestra, and Big Maceo Merriweather with Tyrell Dixon & Tampa Red.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
arwulf arwulf, WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor, August 30, 2018 [19151]
Jelly Roll Morton: Michigan Water Blues
Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon: Down Home in Kentucky
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five: Georgia Grind
Cow Cow Davenport & Ivy Smith: Alabama Strut
Jimmie Johnson’s Jazz Boys: Carolina Shout
James P. Johnson: Arkansas Blues
Red Nichols & his Five Pennies: Alabama Stomp
Bix & his Gang: Louisiana
Valaida Snow: Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Sonny Clay’s Plantation Orchestra: California Stomp
Luis Russell & his Orchestra: Jersey Lightning
Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers: Mississippi Mildred
Fats Waller & his Rhythm: Florida Flo
Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band: Indiana
Lester Young Quintet with Count Basie: Indiana
Illinois Jacquet: Illinois Blows the Blues
Count Basie & his Orchestra: Texas Shuffle
Big Maceo Merriweather with Tyrell Dixon & Tampa Red: Texas Stomp
Hosted by arwulf arwulf for Radio Free Amsterdam
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Post-production, editing & annotatation by John Sinclar
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
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