arwulf arwulf is holding forth at WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor during the 2013 holiday season with his weekly dose of great music featuring cuts by Boyd Raeburn & his Orchestra, Billy Vaughn & his Orchestra, David Carroll, Mauna Loa Islanders, Buddy Williams & his Golden Echo Music, John Lee Hooker, Wild Man Fischer, John Otway, Red Nelson, John Goodman, Lenny Bruce, Raul Julia, Mickey Katz & his Kosher,  The Little White Knish, Ivor Cutler, Johnny Pineapple & his Islanders, Joseph N. Welch-Harry S. Truman-Emile de Antonio, The Three Sounds, Billy Mure, Busby Berkeley, and Lionel Newman & his Orchestra with the voices of Lee Harvey Oswald, Milton Berle, & Hugh Downs.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



arwulf arwulf, WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor, December 2013 [21167]

Boyd Raeburn & his Orchestra: Over the Rainbow

Billy Vaughn & his Orchestra: Busted

David Carroll: The Bells of St. Mary’s

Mauna Loa Islanders: On the Beach at Waikiki

Buddy Williams & his Golden Echo Music: Columbia Gem of the Ocean

John Lee Hooker: I Need Some Money

Wild Man Fischer: It’s Nice to Have Things

John Otway: I Did It Otway

Red Nelson: Mother Fuyer

John Goodman: Guv’ment

Lenny Bruce: Eat, Sleep and Crap

Raul Julia: Ballad of Immoral Earnings

Mickey Katz & his Kosher Jammers: The Little White Knish That Cried

Ivor Cutler: Pussy on the Mat

Johnny Pineapple & his Islanders: Helia Alekohi

Joseph N. Welch-Harry S. Truman-Emile de Antonio: Mc Carthyism

The Three Sounds: When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba

Billy Mure: Hawaiian Drums

Busby Berkeley: We’re in the Money

Lionel Newman & his Orchestra-Lee Harvey Oswald-Milton Berle-Hugh Downs: Oswald’s Been Shot Cha-Cha

Wild Man Fischer: The Bouillabaisse


Hosted by arwulf arwulf for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & recorded by arwulf arwulf at WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor

Post-production, editing & annotatation by John Sinclar

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

© 2013, 2021 arwulf arwulf. Used with permission.