Fly By Night 231: Mohawk

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents

Steve Pratt, Fly Agaric 23 Studios, Amsterdam, April 30, 2014 [SFBN-0061]
Steve The Fly is featuring the new album he’s produced for John Sinclair for
Ironman Records with all selections from Sinclair’s elongated work in verse
called always know: a book of monk, book one: blue notes, accompanied by
the very Monk tunes the poems grew out of.

[01] Thelonious Monk: Carolina Moon
[02] John Sinclair: carolina moon
[03] John Sinclair: straight no chaser
[04] Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser
[05] John Sinclair: bloomdido
[06] Charlie Parker: Bloomdido
[07] John Sinclair: mohawk
[08] Charlie Parker: Mohawk
[09] John Sinclair: leap frog
[10] Charlie Parker: Leap Frog
[11] John Sinclair: relaxing with lee
[12] Charlie Parker: Relaxin' With Lee
[13] John Sinclair: eronel
[14] Thelonious Monk: Eronel
[15] John Sinclair: nobody knows (nobody cares)
[16] Charlie Parker: My Melancholy Baby
[17] John Sinclair: my melancholy baby
[18] Charlie Parker: An Oscar For Treadwell
[19] John Sinclair: an oscar for treadwell
[20] Thelonious Monk: Little Rootie Tootie

Produced by Steve “The Fly” Pratt for Radio Free Amsterdam
Co-produced, edited, assembled & annotated by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Ceres Seeds & The Hempshopper, Amsterdam
© 2014, 2017 Steve Pratt. Used with permission.