Fly By Night 343: T.V. Mama

The Fly is spinning music tonight by Joe Turner, Elmore James, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Little Beaver, John Lee Hooker, King Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree, Ivory Joe Hunter, Snooks Eaglin, Phil Woods, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Clarke Boland Big Band, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, and Jelly Roll Morton.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Steve The Fly, Steve Agaric 23 Studio, Amsterdam, December 25, 2019 [20012]
Joe Turner featuring Elmore James: TV Mama
Elmore James: Coming Home
Clarence Gatemouth Brown: Man And His Environment
Little Beaver: Let’s Stick Together
John Lee Hooker: How Long?
King Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree: Get With It
Ivory Joe Hunter: We All Like That Groovy Feeling
Snooks Eaglin: I Get The Blues When It Rains
Phil Woods: Summer Knows
Miles Davis: How Deep Is The Ocean
Billie Holiday: How Deep Is The Ocean
Thelonious Monk: Green Chimneys
Clarke Boland Big Band: Total Blues
Bud Powell: Hallucinations
Thelonious Monk: In Walked Bud
Jelly Roll Morton: I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
Produced By Steve The Fly For Radio Free Amsterdam (#04)
Edited, assembled & annotated by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2020 Steve Pratt & The John Sinclair Foundation