Jazz Lunatique 203: Halloween

David Kunian is commemorating Halloween with music by Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Napalm Death, Dead Kennedys, Fela Kuti, Lounge Lizards, The Vince Guaraldi Trio, Dr. John, Martin Sheen, The Doors, and Ceramc Dog.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



David Kunian, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, October 30, 2018 [18644]


Sun Ra & His Arkestra: The Space Age Is Here To Stay

Napalm Death: Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Dead Kennedys: Halloween

Fela Kuti: Zombie

Lounge Lizards: It Could Have Been Very Beautiful

Vince Guaraldi Trio: The Great Pumpkin Waltz

Dr. John: Walk On Guilded Splinters

Martin Sheen: Apocalypse Now

The Doors: The End

Ceramc Dog: Muslim-Jewish Resistanc



Hosted by David Kunian for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & recorded by David Kunian at WWOZ-FM, New Orleans

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 2018 David Kunian. Used with permission.