Jazz Lunatique 240: Funky Miracle

David Kunian is playing music by Louis Armstrong in honor of his birthday nd by Art Neville with the Neville Brothers and The Meters in honor of Art’s recent passing.
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
David Kunian, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, August 6, 2019 [19488]
Egg Yolk Jubilee: A Call For All Demons
Public Enemy: Fight The Power
Louis Armstrong: Skokian
The Neville Brothers: Fire On The Bayou
Louis Armstrong & The All Stars: Back O’ Town Blues
Louis Armstrong & The All Stars: Mahogany Hall Stomp
The Meters: Groovy Lady
The Neville Brothers: Brother Blood
Louis Armstrong & The All Stars: Tin Roof Blues
Louis Armstrong & The All Stars: All That Meat And No Potatoes
The Neville Brothers: Sitting In Limbo
Louis Armstrong & The All Stars: High Society Calypso
The Meters: Funky Miracle
Hosted by David Kunian for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & recorded by David Kunian at WWOZ-FM, New Orleans
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2019 David Kunian. Used with permission.
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