John Sinclair Radio Show 760: Springsville

Episode 760 is coming from the Detroit studios of Radio Free Amsterdam up above the Carl Lundgren Art Studio in the Cass Corridor where this program dedicated to my brother David, born May 31, 1945 and gone from us since 2008, has been recorded, featuring music he liked to listen to by the Miles Davis Orchestra, the Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop, Cecil Taylor & John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman, and the John Coltrane Ensemble with Eric Dolphy, plus my brother’s poetry reading from the Detroit Artists Workshop way back in the 1960s.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Cass Corridor, Detroit, May 28, 2018 [18309]


Yusef Lateef: Happyology

Miles Davis Orchestra: Springsville

Charles Mingus: Haitian Fight Song

Cecil Taylor: Rick Kick Shaw

Thelonious Monk: Nutty

David Sinclair: The Egoist/A Poem for John/Ave/A Sighting of Steps/Company

Ornette Coleman: Open To The Public

John Coltrane: India

Charlie Parker: They Can’t Take that Away From Me



Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced, recorded & assembled by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 2018 The John Sinclair Foundation