RED ROOSTER LOUNGE 444 – Geechee Woman

Cary Wolfson is spinning at the Red Rooster Lounge with great blues sides by John Lee Hooker, Barkin’ Bill Smith & Dave Specter, Lou Ann Barton, John Primer & Bob Corritore, Li’l Joe Washington: 5 Spot

Nick Moss Band, Jimmy Johnson with Luther “Guitar Jr.” Johnson, Tarheel Slim & Little Ann, Brewer Phillips, Shakura S’aida, Chick Willis, and Baby Face Willette.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents

Geechee Woman


Cary Wolfson, Red Rooster Radio Network, November 30, 2020 [21108]

Harlem Nocturne Theme

John Lee Hooker: Send Me Your Pillow

Barkin’ Bill Smith & Dave Specter: Take A Little Walk With Me

Lou Ann Barton: The Sudden Stop

John Primer & Bob Corritore: May I Have A Talk With You

Li’l Joe Washington: 5 Spot

Nick Moss Band: Dead Man’s Hand

Jimmy Johnson with Luther “Guitar Jr.” Johnson: My Own Fault

Tarheel Slim & Little Ann: Two Time Loser

Brewer Phillips: Kansas City

Shakura S’aida: Geechee Woman

Chick Willis: I Ain’t Jivin’ Baby

Baby Face Willette: Goin’ Down


Hosted by Cary Wolfson for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & Recorded by Cary Wolfson at Red Rooster Studios [#1812]

Post-Production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

© 2021 Cary Wolfson. Used with permission.