RED ROOSTER LOUNGE 447 – Backyard Blues Party

Cary Wolfson is spinning at the Red Rooster Lounge with great blues sides by John Nemeth, Jeremy Spencer, Sue Foley, Linsey Alexander, Etta James, Jimmie Vaughan, Arthur Adams, James Morgan, Little Charlie & The Nightcats, Stringbean & The Stalkers, Taj Mahal, and Lonnie Mack.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents

Backyard Blues Party


Cary Wolfson, Red Rooster Radio Network, December 29, 2020 [21142]

Harlem Nocturne Theme

John Nemeth: Every Night About This Time

Jeremy Spencer: Stranger Blues

Sue Foley: (Me & My) Chauffeur Blues

Linsey Alexander: Bad Man

Etta James: The Pick Up

Jimmie Vaughan: Just Like Putty

Arthur Adams: Like Only She Can Do

James Morgan: Backyard Blues Party

Little Charlie & The Nightcats: I Could Deal With It

Stringbean & The Stalkers: See Me Laughin’

Taj Mahal: Checkin’ Up On My Baby

Lonnie Mack: Tough On Me, Tough On You


Hosted by Cary Wolfson for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced & Recorded by Cary Wolfson at Red Rooster Studios [#1816]

Post-Production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

© 2021 Cary Wolfson. Used with permission.