Roots & Branches 35: Heart & Soul of The Sound

In our second hour titled All the Way Into the Heart and Soul of the Sound with William Parker— bassist, composer, bandleader, and with his wife Patricia Nicholson Parker, activist and organizer—we hear William talk about his teen-aged 1960s influences from French cinema, Beckett, Pinter, and Curtis Mayfield and how that “library” continues to inform his creations. We hear excerpts from the soundtracks to The 400 Blows, Alphaville and Alfie and we hear the compositions “Station” from his Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra and “Petit Oiseau” from his quartet with Hamid Drake, Lewis Barnes and Rob Brown. We hear about his recent work with vocal music and how he came to choose the bass as his instrument. We hear about his 11+ years with the Cecil Taylor Unit and how Cecil strove to go “all the way into the heart and soul of the sound.” Our show opens and closes with beautiful songs by William, recorded more than 20 years apart, with Lisa Sokolov the singer, Cooper Moore (2015) and Yuri Fujiyama (early 1990s) the pianist, and William on bass.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Don Paul & Maryse Dejean, 21st Century Phenoms, New Orleans, February 20, 2019 [19102]
William Parker-Lisa Sokolov-Cooper Moore: When A Sound Dances
William Parker Conversation with Don Paul & Maryse Dejean
Jean Constanten: The 400 Blows soundtrack
Paul Misraks: Theme D’Amour from Alphaville
Sonny Rollins: Street Runner with Child from Alfie
William Parker Conversation with Don Paul & Maryse Dejean
Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra:  Station
William Parker Quartet: Petit Oiseau
William Parker Conversation with Don Paul & Maryse Dejean
William Parker Ensemble with Amiri Baraka: Think
William Parker Conversation with Don Paul & Maryse Dejean
Cecil Taylor Unit: Eternal (for Ornette > Baldwin’s Interlude II
William Parker-Lisa Sokolov-Cooper Moore:  Eternal (for Ornette)
William Parker-Lisa Sokolov-Yuri Fujiyama: Baldwin’s Interlude II
Hosted by Don Paul & Maryse Dejean for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & recorded by Don Paul & Maryse Dejean at Sticking Up For Kids in New Orleans
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
© 2019 Don Paul & Maryse Dejean. Used with permission.