John Sinclair – Timeline


Born October 2 at Women’s Hospital, Flint, Michigan

Parents: John Sr. (Jack) and Elsie Sinclair

Sister Kathleen born 1943, brother David born 1945

Attended Davison Public Schools, Davison, Michigan 1959


Attended Albion College, Albion, Michigan, 1959-61

Attended Flint Junior College, 1961

Attended University of Michigan-Flint College. 1962-64

Editor, The Word, UM–Flint

President, UM—Flint Cinema Guild

Graduated UM-Flint, January 1964, A.B. English Literature


Attended Wayne State University, Detroit, Graduate School of English

Master’s Thesis: William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch

Convicted of Marijuana Possession, Detroit Recorders Court, sentenced to two years probation

Co-Founder & Director, Detroit Artists Workshop

Founder & Director, Detroit LEMAR (Legalize Marijuana)

Editor & Publisher, Artists Workshop Press

Editor & Publisher, Warren-Forest Sun newspaper

Co-Founder & Director, WSU Artists’ Society

Detroit Correspondent, downbeat Magazine, Chicago

Married Magdalene Arndt, June 1965

Berkeley Poetry Conference. Four Young American Poets Reading

Convicted of Marijuana Possession, Detroit Recorders Court, sentenced to three years probation

Prisoner, Detroit House of Correction, February-August 1966

Co-Editor, Guerrilla: A Newspaper of Cultural Revolution, Detroit

Talent Consultant, Grande Ballroom, Detroit

Author, This Is Our Music, Artists Workshop Press

Author, FIRE MUSIC: a record, Artists Workshop Press

Author, The Poem For Warner StringfellowArtists Workshop Press

Author, “A New Song / For A New Year”, Artists Workshop Press Broadside

Author, “Sing The Song”, Artists Workshop Press Broadside

Author, “When A Man / Loves A Woman”, Fenian Head Centre Press Broadside)

Author, “Weathering”, Fenian Head Centre Press Broadside

Editor, Free Poems/Among Friends, Artists Workshop Press

Editor, Detroit Artists’ Worksheet, Artists Workshop Press

Editor (with Robin Eichele), Ten Wayne Poets, Wayne State University

Contributor, Hettie Jones, Editor, Poems NowKulchur Press



@ June 28, 2020

(Detroit)—Poet/author/bandleader John Sinclair will release a plethora of new literary and recording projects with a variety of publishers and record outlets in 2020.

First to appear will be a 2nd edition of Sinclair’s ground-breaking blues poetry book Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite, initially published by Dennis Formento at the Surregional Press in New Orleans in 2002. The new edition will be published by Horner Books in Flint, Michigan. FFFS will be followed by a 2nd printing of the U.S. edition of It’s All Good: A John Sinclair Reader by Horner Books in Flint, accompanied by the first U.S.Hardbound Edition of It’s All Good, also from Horner Books. Both FFFS and It’s All Good sold out their first editions.

FFFS will also be honored in the fall with the release of a 4-LP box set of the poet’s recording of the four sections of the text with ensembles from New Orleans, Detroit and Mississippi, accompanied in the box set by the new printing of the book of Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite. This major project has been undertaken by Jett Plastic Recordings of Detroit.

Cary Loren at BookBeat in Oak Park is completing his reissue series of Sinclair’s four publications by the Detroit Artists Workshop Press in 1965-67 with the release of a facsimile edition of FIRE MUSIC: a record, Sinclair’s second book of poetry originally issued in 1966.

Sinclair’s long-awaited jazz work in verse dedicated to the music and life of pianist Thelonious monk, always know: a book of monk, volumes 1 & 2 will be issued in 2020 by the Trembling Pillow Press of New Orleans), who have earlier published his collection Song of Praise: Homage to John Coltrane. “I’m hoping the publication of the first half of this work, started in 1982, will inspire me to go ahead and compose the rest of the poems for volumes 3 & 4,” Sinclair chuckled.

RJ Spangler & the Planet D Nonet will issue a double LP recording of the Nonet with John Sinclair reciting verses from always know: a book of monk with music comprising entirely of Monk compositions performed by the nine-piece orchestra led by RJ Spangler & James O’Donnell.

A new Spanish-language edition of john Sinclair’s collection called Sun Ra Interviews & Essays, originally published by Headpress in the United Kingdom, will be published next year by Hojas de hierba Editorial.

Finally, Horner Press in Flint has just agreed to publish Sinclair’s new book of poetry titled Blow Baby Blow‑Uncollected Poems 1964-2020, which will be accompanied by a double-album digital download of poems from the book set to music and recorded with a variety of musical artists and ensembles, drawn from several of Sinclair’s more than 30 albums in release.

These products are released under the auspices of the John Sinclair Foundation, with representation by Ben Horner of Horner Books in Flint. Please contact Ben for further information:


always know: a book of monk, volumes 1 & 2 (Trembling Pillow Press, New Orleans)

Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite, 2nd edition (Horner Books, Flint)

It’s All Good: A John Sinclair Reader, U.S. Edition, 2nd printing (Horner Books, Flint)

It’s All Good: A John Sinclair Reader, U.S. Deluxe Hardbound Edition (Horner Books, Flint)

FIRE MUSIC: a record, facsimile edition of Artists Workshop Press 1966 edition (Book Beat, Oak Park)

Sun Ra Interviews & Essays (Hojas de hierba Editorial, Madrid—Spanish-language edition)

Blow Baby Blow‑Uncollected Poems 1964-2020,((Horner Books, Flint)


Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite Box Set (4 LPs + Book) (Jett Plastic Recordings)

Monk Suite with the Planet D Nonet “Live” at the Scarab Club (RJ Spangler label) Digital download inserts in It’s All Good and Blow Baby Blow—Uncollected Poems 1964-2020

John Sinclair