DAY OFF – Feat. Lord Beefington

A shattered window. 7.5 artists. An epic journey: An omnipresent fuck you between the tympanic membranes. The Fuck You Sound invite all…to help create a new unhinged world, at odds with the stink and stench of the traditional art and music corpse. Bands eat underwater buffalo wings on toast or a vegetable patch bay…. Deviant things, taboo things; Audio intercourse. We implore you to take a day off in 2018. 

The album squirms with remixes by chilly slashers ’Bogus Order’ and jungle don DJ Aries. This is not a release, it is an expulsion.. ‘The Day Off’ was scheduled to be a limited edition DJ friendly deluxe 12” vinyl back pack plus a digital package of the album boasting extra remixes, free podcasts, videos, avatar packs, digital artwork and other goodies. Space weapons. Hair clippers. Dog socks. Flea rights.

Caleb Selah: Former arms and fingers dealer. Formerly a stringed thing virtuoso now a crippled mess of a DJ who can’t stand and is psychedelically deaf in his right ear. You wanna hear him click his toes though. Born in Austin Texas, he can’t remember when. Selah hates genres, cream crackers, squares and most things. He probably hates you.

Lord Beefington, the 12th Marquis of Hackney: Born from hell fire, eats microphone cables and children for breakfast. He is rumoured to be the father of Lord Vader. Enjoys cutting dub-plates with his teeth and preventing violence with smiles. He spits pure lava, stand clear.


[01] Jair-Rohm Parker Wells – John 4th Part 2

[02] John Sinclair And Steve Fly – A New Order Of Being 

[03] New Flesh For Old – Amrs House (Fly Remix 2007)

[04] Dr Marshmallow Cubicle Feat. Creature Of Rebelmatic – Let’s Go Get Em’

[05] Creature Of Rebelmatic – Untitled (Unreleased)

[06] Juice Aleem feat. Ebu Blackitude & H. Prizm – Moor Master’s

[07] T4QS feat. Lord Beefington – Turn Your Shit Down (Aries Refix)

[08] T4QS Feat. Daddy Freddy – Untitled (Unreleased)

[09] Daddy Freddy – Why Did You Do That 

[10] Sun Ru Carter – Goddess So Fly

[11] John Sinclair And His International Blues Scholars – Let’s Go Get Em’

[12] DigiDogz Feat. Original Syna – Big Bud

[13] Aries And Kelvin 373 Feat. MC Navigator – Dubplate Massive V.I.P

[14] SAULT – Wildfires

Jair Rohm Parker Wells

Creature (Rebelmatic)

Deborah Charles

Sunru Carter

Lord Beefington

Sandhya Sanjana

Juice One Two Six

Daddy Freddy


Kai Eckhardt

Caroline Beausaint

Craig Easley

Juice Aleem

Laith Al Saadi

Ras Tariq

Leslie Lopez

Original Syna

Caleb Selah