Strata Gallery Concert: Charles Mingus (The Lost Tapes)

We at Radio Free Amsterdam hold Charles Mingus, and his music with the uppermost reverence and respect.

I am delighted to share the news of a newly discovered recording of Mingus, recorded on radio WDET at Strata Gallery, 1973.

The following explains the historical cultural context:

–Steve Fly

The context of this multi-set evening—recorded by Detroit’s public-radio station WDET at Strata Gallery, a short-lived and artist-owned Mecca—is essential. The club date happened a year after the pair of star-studded Lincoln Center gigs that ended Mingus’ six-year near-disappearance from the stage, illustrious affairs that mostly presented his music in a traditional big-band setting. Influenced by the death of collaborator Eric Dolphy and a decline in his mental, physical, and financial wellbeing, Mingus stayed away from making music during that span.

Charles Mingus – Peggy’s Blue Skylight