The Dr. Doo Wop Show 03: Making Whoopee

Dr. Doo Wop as portrayed by the legendary Bill Levy has risen once more to the fore to bring some great music from the Golden Age of American Music as played on his programs for Radio 100 in Amsterdam from the turn of the 21st century, beaming out across the universe on Radio Free Amsterdam today with The Cleftones, Richie Valens, The Flamingoes, verses by William Shakespeare and more songs by Bing Crosby, The Ink Spots, The Cadets, Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers, The Jesters, Jimmy Durante, Mary Martin, The Mills Brothers, and a apir of bonus tracks by The “5” Royales.


The john Sinclair Foundation Presents



William Levy, Radio 100, Amsterdam, March 1999 [18566]


Dr. Doo Wop Theme

The Cleftones: Can’t We Be Sweethearts

Dr. Doo Wop Poem

Richie Valens: Donna

The Cleftones: I Love You So

Dr. Doo Wop Poem

The Flamingoes: Til The End Of Time

[Unidentified Artist]: I’ll Say A Prayer

Bing Crosby: Makin’ Whoopee

The Ink Spots: Maybe

The Cadets: Love Bandit

Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers: Hot Bananas

[Unidentified Artist]: Love In My Heart

The Jesters: Uncle Henry’s Basement

Jimmy Durante: Inky Dinky Doo

Helen Merrill: Falling In Love With Love

The Mills Brothers: You Always Hurt The One You Love

Goodnight Sweetheart Theme

The “5” Royales: Dedicated To The One I Love

The “5” Royales: Mohawk Squaw



Hosted by William Levy for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced by William Levy at Radio 100, Amsterdam

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt


© 1999, 2018 William Levy. Used with permission.