The Dr. Doo Wop Show 16: Earth Angel

Dr. Doo Wop has risen from the ashes of the past like a rock & roll phoenix to bring some great music from the Golden Age of American Music as played on his programs for Radio 100 in Amsterdam from the turn of the century, starting in Episode 16 with tunes by The Heartbeats, Eveline Steinhalter, The KingTones, The Five Boroughs, Sonny Til & The Orioles, The MelloKings, Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers, and three unidentified artists with songs about Indians.
The john Sinclair Foundation Presents
William Levy, Radio 100, Amsterdam, January 28, 2001 [19078]
The Heartbeats: After New Year’s Eve
Eveline Steinhalter: Master And Slave
The KingTones: Earth Angel
The Five Boroughs: A Kiss From Your Lips
Sonny Til & The Orioles: Chapel In The Moonlight
The MelloKings: Chapel On The Hill
Sonny Til & The Orioles: Back To The Chapel Again
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers:  Public Opinion
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers:  Please Don’t Go
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers: The Echoes Keep Calling Me
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers: What Happened To Your Halo
[Unidentified Artist]: Sitting Bull
[Unidentified Artist]: Did You Ever See An Indian Do The Rock & Roll
[Unidentified Artist]: Caligula
Goodnight Sweetheart Theme
Hosted by William Levy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by William Levy at Radio 100, Amsterdam
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Special thanks to Ben Schot
© 2001, 2019 William Levy. Used with permission.