The Dr. Doo Wop Show 31: Woo-Woo Train

William Levy has dug out a series of cassettes from his first years as Dr. Doo Wop on Radio 100 in Amsterdam, starting here in early 1988 with great music from the Golden Age of American Music as played by Gene & Eunice, The Turbans, The Caltons, Bo Diddley, The Shirelles, Little Caesar & The Romans, Bill Haley, Duval Potter, The Balladeers, The Magnificents, The Valentines, The Flamingos, The Cool Gents, The Supremes, The Hi-Lighters, and The Lyrics.
The john Sinclair Foundation Presents
William Levy, Radio 100, Amsterdam, March 4, 1988 [19288]
Gene & Eunice: Kokomo
Gene & Eunice: This Is My Story
The Turbans: When You Dance
The Caltons: Mr. Lonesome
Bo Diddley: Diddley Daddy
Bo Diddley: Say Man
The Shirelles: Tonight’s The Night
The Shirelles: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Little Caesar & The Romans: Those Oldies But Goodies
Bill Haley: Ten Little Indians
Duval Potter: I Know
The Balladeers: You’re In The Army Now
The Magnificents: Up On The Mountain
The Magnificents: Down On The Mountain
The Valentines: Woo-Woo Train
The Flamingos: You Ain’t Ready
The Cool Gents: Crazy Over You
The Supremes: Baby Love
The Hi-Lighters: Feeling Alright
The Lyrics: Stop
Goodnight Sweetheart Theme
Hosted by William Levy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by William Levy at Radio 100, Amsterdam
Digital transfers from cassettes, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Special thanks to Ben Schot & Steve The Fly
© 1988, 2019 Bill Levy. Used with permission.