The Dr. Doo Wop Show 38: Strokin’

Dr. Doo Wop has unearthed this treasure from 1989 featuring a wealth of selections from the Golden Age of American Music as played on his programs for Radio 100 in Amsterdam, with cuts by The Earls, The Spaniels, The Tokens, The Capris, The Black Slacks, Clarence Carter, Frankie Ford, Phil Phillips & The Twilights, Jan & Dean, an unidentified artist, and The Moonglows.
The john Sinclair Foundation Presents
Bill Levy, Radio 100, Amsterdam, March 17, 1989 [19386]
The Earls: Never
The Spaniels: A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
The Tokens: Come Dance With Me
The Capris: Hum Diddley Doo
The Black Slacks: Rocking On Out
The Black Slacks: I Can’t Find The Doorknob       
Clarence Carter: Strokin’
The Capris: My Island In The Sun
Frankie Ford: Sea Cruise
Jan & Dean: They’re Coming From All Over The Worl;d
The Earls: Remember Me, Baby
The Earls: Cry, Cry. Cry
The Capris: Where I Fell In Love
The Spaniels: You Gave Me Peace of Mind
 [Unidentified Artist]: Why Do You Have To Go
The Moonglows: Over And Over Again
The Moonglows: Don’t Say Goodbye
Goodnight Sweetheart Theme
Hosted by William Levy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by William Levy at Radio 100, Amsterdam
Digital transfer from cassettes, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Special thanks to Ben Schot & Steve The Fly
© 1989, 2019 William Levy. Used with permission.