The Dr. Doo Wop Show 43: Mad Daddy

Episode 43 of The Dr. Doo Wop Show is a composite program put together with the truncated edition of November 27, 1992 and added music from Dr. Doo Wop outtakes and the Radio Free Amsterdam archives, including cuts from The El Dorados, The Nutmegs, The Velvet Angels, some unidentified artists, The Blues Brothers, The Avons, The Cleftones, Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers, The Crabs, Chuck Berry, Sugar Boy & The Cane Cutters, and Earl King.
The john Sinclair Foundation Presents
William Levy, Radio 100, Amsterdam, November 27, 1992 [19456]
The El Dorados: I’ll Be Forever Loving You
The Nutmegs: Down In Mexico
The Velvet Angels: Blue Moon
The El Dorados: She Don’t Run Around
[Unidentified Artist]: [Unidentified Selection]
The Blues Brothers: Rubber Biscuit
[Unidentified Artist]: Come Go With Me
[Unidentified Artist]: Me And You
[Unidentified Artists]: [Medley]
[Unidentified Artist]: A Slave To You
[Unidentified Artist]: Meet Me Down In Soulville
The Avons: Baby Baby
The Cleftones: Lover Boy
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers: String Bean
Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers: Peanuts
The Crabs: Mad Daddy
[Unidentified Artist]: Do You Want The Real Thing
Chuck Berry: Thirty Days
Chuck Berry: Wee Wee Hours
Sugar Boy Crawford & The Cane Cutters: Ooh Wee Sugar
Earl King: I’m Packing Up
Goodnight Sweetheart Theme
Hosted by William Levy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by William Levy at Radio 100, Amsterdam
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Special thanks to Ben Schot & Steve The Fly
© 1992, 2019 William Levy. Used with permission.